World Moto, Inc. (OTC:FARE) f.k.a. Net Profits Ten Inc Hits a Brand New Low

30FARE_chart.pngIt took a little over a month for World Moto, Inc. (OTC:FARE) f.k.a. Net Profits Ten Inc to drop below the low from before the Awesome Penny Stocks (APS) pump.

Yesterday it got there, closing down another 11.09% at $0.0481 per share. For a while in the morning it seemed the press release would be enough to give FARE a bounce, but ultimately it wasn’t enough to keep the price up on 54 million shares.

8TAGG.pngFor APS FARE was a much better pump than Superior Venture Corp (OTC:SVEN) which was a complete disaster. Still, the performance of FARE was weaker than every other APS pump, including TagLikeMe Corp (PINK:TAGG). While FARE went up before crashing too, it didn’t get as high percentage-wise.

APS gave up on FARE on Jan. 9 and in a recent email the pumpers said they would be coming with a new pick soon, probably next week.

The weakening effect of APS pumps gives us hope that less and less people will get burned. However, a complete stop to the pump schemes is unlikely in the foreseeable future.

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