Xumanii, Inc. f/k/a Medora Corp (OTCMKTS:XUII) Pump Nearing Its End?

2XUII_chart.pngContrary to what pumpers would have you believe, Xumanii, Inc. f/k/a Medora Corp (OTCMKTS:XUII) is not trending up.

Yesterday XUII did close up 2.07%, but that was after a 12.46% drop on Monday, and it hardly constitutes a trend.

The positive close came after the announcement that XUII had signed French Montana. XUII gets the right to 4 live broadcasts of concert performances in the next 2 years. The company will have to pay $30 thousand if it wants to do the broadcasts.

For those who haven’t done the research, so far XUII hasn’t made a dime from its broadcasts. That doesn’t stop Awesome Penny Stocks (APS) to try to compare XUII to much bigger companies.

In one of their latest emails, the pumpers claim XUII could become a “prime target for a takeover from larger corporations.” They go on to mention the buyout offers for Hulu and the acquisition of Xiami. Even if one disregards the monetization potential, they should note that Hulu is ranked 269 by Alexa, and Xiami – 904. Where’s XUII – 736,093 (lower is better).

GOFFE.pngWe are getting closer to a month since APS started pumping XUII. The one month mark is important because that’s the usual life span of APS pump jobs like Goff Corp (OTCBB:GOFFE) and Swingplane Ventures, Inc. (OTCBB:SWVI).

In the case of XUII, that mark is also close to the due date for the company’s quarterly report. The report may contain some surprises for those who refuse to belive XUII is a pump job. Over the course of the last few months, the company has signed agreements that include the issuance of Class B Preferred Stock which isn’t described anywhere.

At the time of this writing XUII is down another 5.3%. If you’re interested in reading about XUII, but you feel more comfortable with German, you may want to check out this site.

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