Xumanii, Inc. (OTCMKTS:XUII) Still Sliding Down on APS Pump

18XUII_chart.pngThe stock of Xumanii, Inc. (OTCMKTS:XUII) is still on a southern course and their charts are looking tragic with the high loss in value that they recorded over the last 4 trading session. Even though the last pump email came in our inboxes on August 6 the amount of stock that is being dumped on the streets is tremendous and we are sure that there are a lot of insiders that are shedding their holdings at a big profit.

It all started last Friday after an obvious failed attempt to pump the stock of XUII was initiated on August 1 in which the protagonist was of course none other than AwesomePennyStocks (APS). Even though APS swore that they would retire if they couldn’t get the price of XUII‘s stock above $1 it seems that they are they are not doing pretty well at this stage, because for now the ticker is failing.

The stock of XUII lost 57% from its value after the APS touts from August 1, while in the meantime there was another promoter that joined the bandwagon promoting the company after being compensated $10 thousand. APS came back in the game on August 6, with a few other outlets, an hour before the market closed after they saw that their promise was likely to have a bad outcome for them, as the stock of XUII slid further down and closed with a 34% loss in price.

Yesterday’s session didn’t went well for XUII also. They lost a further 20% from their value, as even though they gapped up and upened at $0.194 the stock started to move calmly in a downward direction registering no significant movements in either directions. By the end of the day it had dropped as low as $0.14, but managed to close at $0.149 on a volume of 28 million shares and a generated trade value of $4.5 million.

99LOGO.pngThere is no doubt that APS will continue pumping the stock of XUII and this is the reason for which we believe that we’ll see a lot more sessions with volumes above their current average of 17 million. This is term makes the stock very risky as it may move in any direction if the promotional campaign is aided with new press releases from the company, depending on what they contain. This is why we suggest that you take your time and do a lot of due diligence before taking the risk and betting on XUII.

71LQMT_chart.pngAnother company that had a bad session yesterday was Liquidmetal Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB:LQMT), but they didn’t rely on a pump to fail badly. They gapped down from the previous day and opened at $0.168 closing the day with a 16% loss in value at $0.1601 on a very high volume that put them in the top 10 of the OTC stocks with highest trading value for the day. The total amount of money spent on LQMT shares came at $1.9 million with the help of 12 million shares that were exchanged.

Soul and Vibe Interactive, Inc. (OTCBB:SOUL) didn’t fare that well either, as they also lost some of their value. The loss amounted to 15% and they managed to close at $1.04. The traded amount of shares was not that big with 1.6 million, but the price per share helped generate a trade value of $1.8 million.

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