YaFarm Technologies, Inc. (PINK:YFRM) Drops, Pump Rolls On

1YFRM_chart.pngYesterday YaFarm Technologies, Inc. (PINK:YFRM) hit $0.30 per share and promoters swarmed back to tell their subscribers about it. However, in the afternoon the stock took a nose dive and closed the day over 14% down, at $0.249.

The pump on YFRM has been running since February 5 and the stream of promotional emails has been very consistent, with nearly 100 emails sent out to date. We started covering the pump the day it was rolled out, then monitored it as it picked up speed.

The cumulative disclosed compensation for promoting YFRM stock in the last three weeks alone is $150 thousand, with promoters Market Bulls pocketing $100 thousand and Insane Pennies bagging another $50 thousand.

Traders may need another reminder that YFRM effected a forward stock split that increased the number of their shares five times before it saw active trading in February. Before touting its acquisition of an entity called the Integrative Stem Cell Institute, operating out of Cancun, Mexico, YFRM was a shell company with zero quarterly revenues, operating and running expenses and $1 thousand in total assets. The lack of current filings gives traders little assurance that this situation has changed dramatically.

Once the company executed the stock split and increased its shares, the time was perfect for a large pump that started on the day of the Stemm Cell Institute acquisition news release. The company’s stream of PR combined with the pumps seem to have jointly jolted the stock to life. Eager traders are now buying in, being fed pump emails and press release hype and little else in the way of official filings, of which there are none bearing a timestamp later than September 30, 2012, excluding an 8-K detailing a change of management.

$150 thousand paid to advertise a stock can make it go places. Investors are advised to be extra careful with this one as no matter how high pumps can soar, gravity always kicks in at one point.

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