3D Eye Solutions, Inc. (OTCMKTS:TDEY) Crawls Upward on New PR

The good news is that 3D Eye Solutions, Inc. (OTCMKTS:TDEY) did not crash outright, turning again into a double-zero stock. The growth, however, is a bit stalled. On Friday, TDEY grew a tiny bit, adding just 3.16% to stand at $0.016, on dollar volumes of $489,000. And TDEY meets the new week with fresh press releases, touting the value of its technology. Still, there is no new promotional email since October 21st. TDEY1104.png

One of the press releases is truly trivial: TDEY discusses the plans for the 3D TV network. In the past weeks, discussing, talking and promising was the bulk of the company’s activity, besides the release of an app on Amazon.com. Now, TDEY offers a free software to convert 2D production into 3D- which seems no more than fishing for content providers for its application. Of course, the Internet already teems with similar, and similarly free software products.SKTO1104.png

The new week will show if investors react positively to the news, and TDEY could try again to vault another cent, as it did a couple of years back. So far, investors’ forums show that the two latest pieces of news are considered a sign that TDEY would be rolling in cash very soon.

Investors’ Hub is all abuzz, also expecting another awesome week for TDEY– and for a stock that is still so cheap, an influx of new interest may easily happen. Though the real question remains if TDEY will indeed conquer a piece from an ever-noisier entertainment market, and indeed achieve a watchable 3D channel, with enough content. TDEY is also yet to post an Apple product application.

Another recent mover that jumped out of the double-zero ground was SK3 Group, Inc. (OTCMKTS:SKTO).The trading has been choppy, and SKTO hovered between 1 and 2 cents, finally dropping at the end of last week toward $0.012.

A tech company that seems to be doing better is Voip-Pal.com., Inc. (OTCMKTS:VPLM), a company that recently bVPLM1104.pngoosted its price range with a series of press releases on new patents. VPLM peaked around 22 cents, but remained stagnant in the past couple of weeks.

TDEY has proven that for now, it has no interest in letting the shares drift without updates. But this also shows that the ticker is too addicted to constant news, and we expect it to slacken as soon as it runs out of ideas on how to rile up investors. It is best to stay away unless you can afford to ride out the corrections, or even give up most of the value of your investment.

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