Sigma Labs, Inc. (OTCMKTS:SGLB) Moves Upward on New Contract News

For such a promising company, Sigma Labs, Inc. (OTCMKTS:SGLB) certainly keeps a rather modest price, still unable to break permanently above the 20-cent levels. SGLB added a bit to its price at the end of last week, and faces the Monday opening with a positive piece of news, a new manufacturing contract. Now, the task for SGLB would be to prove its longer-term potential, as it offers specialized 3D printing to the aerospace industry. SGLB1104.png

SGLB added nearly 9% on Friday, reaching $0.17, on dollar volumes of $1.04 million. This is in tune with the usually small increments in price for this ticker, which already consumed the biggest news, and is not actively promoted. IWSY1104.png

The latest updates from the company include an 8-K following the annual shareholder meeting on October 10th. All proposals were approved, keeping Mark Cola at the head of the company, and continuing with a stock incentive plan for 2013.

Just a day after the 8-K, a press release outlined a second contract with the Los Alamos National Laboratory. SGLB expects revenues from this contract to amount to $178,800. The program in question, on which SGLB would assist, is Advanced Recovery and Integrated Extraction System (ARIES), a drive to safely disassemble nuclear weapons. Despite the relatively small earnings, the contract may give further exposure to SGLB.

Still, all those positive developments have to work their effect on the stock price. In the case of SGLB, investors’ forums show big confidence in long-term success. The new year should come with chances of further commercial success, and in the shorter term, SGLB is due to announce quarterly results soon, if it can manage that.

Another rather promising company, ImageWare Systems, Inc. (OTCMKTS:IWSY), managed to recover the $2 levels, after sinking as low as $1.50 on a quieter period without enough updates from the company. IWSY shows robust promise, but still in VPIG1104.pngthe shorter term went through price corrections.

Speaking of companies with promise, not even Virtual Piggy, Inc. (OTCBB:VPIG) could manage to hold on to the higher levels, and for a while has drifted around the $1 levels.

If you are seeking SGLB for a bargain price, keep in mind that the current positions, though relatively low, are not guaranteed. SGLB has shown retreats in the past, and it is best to choose your time horizon well, to avoid being hurt by the short-term fluctuations.

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