EMS Find Inc (OTCMKTS:EMSF) Moves Higher

Last Friday the stock of EMS Find Inc (OTCMKTS:EMSF) enjoyed another positive session gaining 9.6% and sitting at $1.38 when the closing bell rang. So far out of the last 10 sessions the ticker has closed in the red only twice. The performance is indeed quite encouraging but using caution when approaching the stock may not be such a bad idea.

There is absolutely nothing supporting the upwards climb displayed by EMSF. Not to mention that the current market cap of over $39 million is completely disconnected from the underlying fundamentals of the company. According to the annual report filed a couple of days ago EMSF have:

• $168 cash
• $7148 total current assets
• $18,278 total liabilities
• $264 thousand gross sales
• $43,380 net income

If these numbers are not enough to convince you that EMSF is an extremely dangerous stock let’s draw your attention to the fact that just last month the company was touted by a widespread pump campaign. Not only was the ticker hyped up through a landing page but a glossy hard mailer brochure by the Moskowitz Report was also put into circulation. The promotion pushed EMSF to the unrealistic highs of over $2.4 per share. All it takes is one glance at the chat to see that the crash that followed was nothing short of a total disaster.

Unfortunately, the red flags don’t stop there. Out of the 28.3 million outstanding shares EMSF had as of July 13 more than 18 million are free trading with a split-adjusted price of $0.002. Although the people who own these shares undoubtedly unleashed some of them on the open market during the pump and reaped massive gains there could still be a sizable amount left that could wreak havoc on the share price of the stock.

Before you decide whether to invest in EMSF or not you might also want to take into consideration the fact that the company apparently had to push back the deadlines for its products. Initially EMSF‘s official site stated that their EMSFIND app will be available in early 2015 but clearly this was somewhat of a stretch for the company. The current message doesn’t mention any dates at all. 

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