Vape Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:VAPE) Within Sight of $4 Again

The month of May came with the possibility of awakening for Vape Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:VAPE), as the recently high-priced ticker is seeking for a new range. VAPE only stepped back a bit this Tuesday, losing just under 4% to $3.83. Selling is now much lower at $880,000, and the last few days were mostly marked by renewed buying, though still at very careful levels. VAPE0507.png

We still don’t know if VAPE will line up among the winners. The new week saw the general Marijuana index drift sideways, still clinging to the lower range. For now, the pot stock boom seems subdued, after the enthusiasm at the beginning of the year when new legislation was unrolled. Now, until more states legalize pot sales, the sector may continue to drift, relying on promises of success down the road. MCIG0507.png

Despite its potential, VAPE is still not in the scope of paid promoters, as its price remains much higher and difficult to move fast enough. Also, the company has not seen fresh PR since the end of April, and for now moves on whatever natural interest is left. Investors’ forums are seeing VAPE as a technical opportunity, as well as a ticker that allows some long-term investing, as the company is preparing to offer well-defined cannabis products. VAPE is working on vaporizers and recently acquired a ceramics company that will aim for specialized cannabis products.

For now, VAPE is still struggling to boost its financial results, as the earnings from the MMJ industry have not been reflected for most companies. Before switching identities from a social network company to a cannabis business, VAPE was equipped with the following financials:

• $19 thousand cash and total assets
• $349 thousand total liabilities
• ZERO revenue
• $267 thousand net loss

In the past few days, the minor recovery trend was also repeated by another leading ticker in the e-cigarette sector, mCig, Inc. (OTCBB:MCIG). This stock has been periodically up and down, though it generally sank in the past two months. Now, MCIG flirts with the $0.50 level again, with some pullback on Tuesday.

Vapor Brands Int’l, Inc. (OTCMKTS:VAPR) is also on a long slide, brought down to $0.11, from a peak at 40 cents. VAPR is the more speculative choice, with less probability of sending a ready-made product to market.

With the new month still looking promising, VAPE may turn into a lucrative choice. Still, only days ago the ticker threatened to wipe out its price further, sinking below $3. Not so long ago, VAPE stood at $30, and even $10 was seen as a respectable price which held for a while. Unfortunately, the post-split positions were harmed by selling. So while the selling has slowed, there is little guarantee that VAPE will hold and grow its current price. Avoid over-investing and relying too much on the positive message.

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