Barristas Coffee Company (PINK:BCCI) Returns with NASDAQ Promise

The newest move of Barristas Coffee Company (PINK:BCCI) resembles a caffeine jolt, as the ticker almost doubled on Wednesday’s trading. But such spikes are not unusual, and like a coffee lift-up, the danger of a slump in the stock’s energy is always present. BCCI0307.png

We have not seen BCCI for several months now, as it deflated after the promotions in October. Since then, the pink sheet has grown fast, and the market of small caffeinated luxuries allowed it to apply and be accepted to the NASDAQ market, as stated in a press release from March 6th. For a while more, BCCI will be the ticker of choice before it changes to NASDAQ:BAPI. DIMI0307.png

Let’s see what the balance of BCCI shows, as the company moved from a humble beginning to a mainstream stock. We are not sure how the coffee chain fulfilled the NASDAQ requirements, since it does not file with the SEC, but from the OTC filings we gleaned the following:

  • $22,213 cash
  • $471,000 total current liabilities
  • $116,839 net gain

The quarterly reports indeed reveal a growth, although the company is still operating with relatively high debts and cash outlays. Stock Analyzer has picked up the ticker, with no compensation, and the promotional email from March 6th coincided with the 91% rise in the stock and the NASDAQ announcement. The pump is for no compensation, and with the relatively healthy record of BCCI it may be an attempt by the pumper to improve the records.

BCCI started on the small cap markets at a height of 85 cents two years ago and slid since then, spiking briefly when promoted. But we are yet to see if the growth is sustainable and if a NASDAQ listing will be enough for a hip company to survive and thrive among the coffee place competition.

The pumper, Stock Analyzer, has a previous history of more or less fortunate picks. One of its previous picks, DiMi Telematics Int’l Inc. (OTC:DIMI) has turned into a horror of sudden daily falls as investors move in and out of the single-penny position.

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