Smack Sportswear (OTC:SMAK) Get Pumped Yet Again

2SMAK.pngThey are at it again, aren’t they? After a couple of failed promotions, the pumpers are on the trail of Smack Sportswear (OTC:SMAK) once again. Is there even a glimmer of hope that this one will be different?

The first two campaigns took place in December last year and in January and now, after a short brake, the emails started flying around for the third time. It’s fair to say that we know SMAK quite well by now. We followed the two previous pumps and we saw what the company has to offer which, by the way, is not that much.

Nevertheless, since the fuss is quite big right now and literally dozens of pumpers send out emails every few minutes, we decided to check if there is anything new or anything that we might have missed during our last research on them. Unfortunately, there is nothing really substantial to make potential investors happy.

The latest quarterly report is the one that we know all too well from the previous articles, and it contains the same wretched financial statement as before:

  • cash: $0
  • current assets: $27 thousand
  • current liabilities: $28 thousand
  • no revenue since inception
  • net loss since inception: $222 thousand

It would seem that at the moment, SMAK are working on publishing a more up-to-date report and we are quite eager to see it. If the announcements that SMAK make almost everyday are true, it should look a lot better than the one above.

8SMAK_logo.jpgPress-releases have been flying out of SMAK‘s headquarters almost on a daily basis and they all sound extremely exciting. Among the dozens of headlines saying that the company CEO has appeared on television, SMAK‘s bikinis being featured in a reality show and other news that won’t affect shareholders all that much we found that they have finally opened their flagship retail store. If this is true, this would definitely be a step forward, since it will mean that after years of struggling, they will finally start registering some sales. That won’t get them out of the woods completely since, even with some sales generated, they could still end up at a loss, but this is precisely why we need their new report as quickly as possible. Until they get it published, we can’t be sure if all these news are signs of SMAK finally starting to grow, or if it’s just a desperate attempt to pump the price of the shares which, by the way, is usually the case when the paid promoters are involved.

AVXL.pngDespite their best efforts, we have seen them fail both with SMAK and with other companies in the past. Hole in One Stocks, for example, who are one of the most active pumpers in the current SMAK promotion, were also part of the campaign on Anavex Life Sciences Corp (PINK:AVXL) back in November 2012. The chart on the right shows how badly it all ended up and you can be sure that a lot of people lost a lot of money by jumping in on the hype created by the emails. We’re also pretty convinced that the same exact thing happened with the previous promotions on SMAK and there is absolutely nothing to stop history from repeating itself yet again. That’s why we would advise you to be extremely careful when making your decision.

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