Endeavor Power Corp. (PINK:EDVP) Survived the First Day

7EDVP_chart.pngYesterday Endeavor Power Corp. (PINK:EDVP) was pumped by the BlueLys Capital Inc. outfit. EDVP closed up 18.42% at $0.225 per share on about 1.5 million shares.

0ADCF.pngAfter the close the newsletters of Market365 also joined in with a smaller compensation from Andalusian Holding LLC. OTCEquity and the rest of the Market365 newsletters disclosed $12.5 thousand paid for their efforts.

We took a look at the track record of BlueLys in the previous article, and now we can see what the new outfit has pumped recently. They touted Advanced Defense Technologies, Inc. (PINK:ADCF) for Feb. 13 and after it reached $0.045 it crashed, and it’s now down more than 90%.

9GVIT.pngIf we go back further, we can see that the Market365 outfit pumped Geo Vision International Group, Inc. (PINK:GVIT) for Jan. 22, and it’s also down 90% from the peak.

Yesterday we also talked about some of the people running EDVP and their connections to past pumps. Their involvement with Eaton Scientific, Inc. f.k.a. Pristine Solutions, Inc. (PINK:ESSI) in particular.

ESSI was pumped by Awesome Penny Stocks, and their pumps last much longer than the average. That being said, EDVP could in theory survive another session before dropping like a rock, but it’s not very likely.

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