Goff Corp (OTC:GOFF) – The Balloon is About to Burst

7GOFF.pngA few minutes before the close of yesterday’s trading session we received an email from Awesome Penny Stocks (APS) which was full of all sorts of promises and bright predictions, the most important of which stated that Goff Corp (OTC:GOFF)’s price could double from that point on. It didn’t.

In fact, yesterday was a pretty miserable day for the people who decided to play the APS game and buy shares while the excitement is still on, hoping to sell them on for a profit. Instead of continuing the upward trend and living up to the pumpers’ expectations, however, GOFF fell down hard and after an opening bid of $0.59 they tumbled to $0.36 or 37% down compared to the previous close. GOFF haven’t been this low since March 23 and this fact has, no doubt, made a lot of investors quite angry. So, where to now?

Well, it might not be over just yet. The emails keep hitting the inboxes and just minutes after the closing bell rang, APS sent out another email which explained how they’re really upset about the drop and how they expect to see another, even more impressive run from GOFF in the very near future. They still maintain that the shares are undervalued which, looking at the latest financial statements sounds a bit comical and they are still convinced that GOFF will dig millions of ounces of gold out of 8SWVI.pngthe ground that will turn them into a huge company worth billions upon billions of dollars.

We’ve heard all that before and it only takes a few short seconds to have a look through the charts of APS’ previous picks to see that all these things will probably never happen. To make your life easier we have included the performance of Swingplane Ventures (OTC:SWVI) and World Moto, Inc. f/k/a Net Profits Ten Inc (OTC:FARE) (both pumped by APS) to show you that when all is said and done, things will probably turn 64FARE.pngvery ugly for GOFF. But still, is there even a glimmer of hope?

Well, by the looks of things, there will be a few more days of touting and the emails will not stop. If APS’ disclaimer is to be believed, the whole pump will last for about sixty days. It started on March 18 which means that there is still more than a month to go and nobody knows what could happen during that period.

There are no signs of stoppage on the press release front as well. Yesterday, for example, GOFF announced that they will use their experience from previous drilling operations in their newest acquisition project. Needless to say, there are a few substantial problems with that.

First of all, we can’t see where they got the experience from, since, as we mentioned in our previous articles, they have not generated a dime in revenue since inception. Secondly, we can’t see how they are able to acquire a second property in no more than a couple of months when you have in mind that there was no more that $5 thousand in their bank account according to their latest financial statement.

The thing that perplexes us most, however, is the fact that they’re so frantic when it comes to issuing press releases. The number of announcements that have been posted all over the Internet since the pump started is staggering and the timing of the PR’s when compared to APS’ emails is also quite peculiar.

Nevertheless, if inexperienced investors believe the PR’s and jump in on the hype, there could be a new peak, which will only give the people behind the pump opportunities for an even bigger profit. That’s why, it’s extremely important to perform the necessary due diligence before making any quick decisions.

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