Quality Stocks Promotion Still Affects Advaxis, Inc. (OTC:ADXS)

Bio-pharmaceutical companies often offer a steep climb to investor Heaven. Like several other biotech tickers, 2013 started with a healthy growth for Advaxis, Inc. (OTC:ADXS). The ticker added more than 24% yesterday for one of its most successful days since the head start of the new year. Not surprisingly, the growth may be linked to announcements for new clinical trials, a bait that seldom fails to catch investors’ interest. ADXS0206.png

While stock price is ahead of the game, Advaxis remains burdened by the accumulated financial burdens of a bio-pharmaceutical developer: TTNP0206.png

  • $558,442 cash
  • $4.8 million total assets
  • $15.8 million total liabilities
  • $4.26 million net loss
  • $35.5 million loss since company’s inception

On the positive side, Advaxis has the scientific support of the University of Pennsylvania and many other prominent research institutions, and so far has worked on nine different protocols to use genetically engineered bacteria as cancer-fighting agents. Yet with a market cap of more than $37 million, the company remains in risk for a correction, as it has fallen into deep valleys in the past.

The last promotional mail for ADXS is from January 21st. An operation worth $15,000, the mailing just mentions the ticker without explanation. The pumper, Quality Stocks, sporadically mentioned this ticker since December 30th. Quality Stocks has a limited record of pumps, and some like Viscount Systems, Inc. (OTC:VSYS) are extremely volatile an a short-term bet.

However, the movement of Advaxis resembles more that of Titan Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OTC:TTNP), another drug developer that has started to travel upward more steeply than before as its technologies are nearing approval and market release. We could easily say biopharmaceuticals are the next spring hit coming after the medical marijuana stocks. Still, with many years and high expenses between a new invention and successful sales, think for yourself before selecting one of the drug developers’ tickers.

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