StockMister Touts the Wreckage of Helmer Directional Drilling Corp. (OTC:EXLA)

Promoter StockMister looks upon the stock of Helmer Directional Drilling Corp. (OTC:EXLA) as ‘the perfect pick’ to send off the year 2012. Do we agree with these guys, though, and is EXLA really a high-potential penny stock at the moment? Not really, at the very least.

EXLA_chart.gifThe budget allocated for the newest pump job on EXLA amounts to $15 thousand and has been secured by a third party GSR, LLC. So far, so good. Unfortunately, EXLA has already crashed down big time following another promotional fiasco which took place just a couple of days ago when Jet-Life Penny Stocks started touting EXLA against a modest remuneration of $2,500. The campaign proved to be a dismal failure as EXLA went down 57% and 41% on Dec. 26 and Dec. 27, respectively. In this run of thoughts, what do the players behind GSR, LLC expect?

Apart from the devastating nature of paid promotions in general, the great fall of EXLA shares could also be attributed to a very curious fact. As it seems, Jet-Life Penny Stocks have just admitted to having been misled by relying on company facts that do not exactly reflect the truth. The promoter also claims to have immediately withdrawn from the campaign.

Based on the events described above, we can’t help but suspect that there might be actually something about the company that is just not right, at least for the moment. Barely four months have passed since EXLA changed its name from Exclusive Apparels, Inc. to Helmer Directional Drilling Corp. Yet, the company continues to stay idle as a supposed LOI appears to be the only step managers have taken for all these months.

If you take a look at EXLA‘s financial records, you will hardly be surprised by the fairly minuscule figures both in terms of assets and debt. The former are completely absent. The latter has rarely exceeded $100K on a quarterly basis. Nevertheless, EXLA currently has a market cap of $4.6 million. Is EXLA really worth that much? You’d better get an answer to this question before putting all your eggs into the EXLA basket.

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