World Moto Inc. (OTC:FARE), the APS Pump, Revs Up at Year End

In the last day of the year, World Moto Inc. (OTC:FARE) is not giving up on its promotional efforts, adding another 30% to its stock price in renewed buying interest. We remind you that FARE is the latest Awesome Penny Stocks pump job and the promise for its stock price are currently not coinciding with the profitability of the company’s business. fare3112.png

The latest promotion for the company came on December 17th, but since then several PR messages for future deals keep the interest in the stock and caused a week of up-and-down movement. We may still see a few days of interest before FARE goes the way of a typical APS pump. TAGG3112.png

The company plans to produce and distribute meters for motorcycle taxis, and its latest release from last week shows a preliminary agreement with a Madrid company offering city motorcycle services. However, the deal is still uncertain, and real production may be hampered by the company’s financial weaknesses: 

· $17.6 million market capitalization as of December 21, OTC Markets
· No revenues
· $2000 cash
· $34,000 total liabilities

With a rough price for the taxi-meter of $180, FARE has some very optimistic plans to supply almost all of the world’s motorbike taxis with its device. However, it’s unknown when production would start especially with so little financial power and assets.

APS always tries for a gaining record, and the promise for $1 per share for FARE is an old one, comSVEN3112.pnging up for older pumps. Stocks such as Superior Ventures Inc. (OTC:SVEN) and TagLikeMe Corp. (OTC:TAGG) are showing what follows when too much trust is put in the rising price.

FARE may remain a risky bid for a while, bringing some fast gains to those who trade fast, but also a constant danger of deep daily losses. We advice caution and doing your due diligence of the company before believing it is as stable as the mailings and press releases promise.

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