The HSP Team Unleashes a New Promotion on Breezer Ventures Inc (PINK:BRZV)

9BRZV_chart.pngAfter a period of prolonged corporate silence, Breezer Ventures Inc (PINK:BRZV) has finally started churning out press releases. At the same time, however, a few paid pumpers started setting BRZV shares on promotional fire. Is it just a mere coincidence or a well-drafted scenario?

Just as BRZV managers finally decided to keep investors in touch with corporate developments on a regular basis, the first promotional wave led by the HSP Team kicked off on Mar. 11, only to be followed by a second strike by Fast Moving Stock Alert. Yesterday, a third promoter called Wall Street Surfers jumped on the bandwagon. Is it worth the effort, though?

Judging from BRZV‘s chart performance for the last couple of days, the answer is a resounding no.
In fact, BRZV shares consecutively lost 14% and 11% on Wednesday and Thursday, respectively. In the light of the dire financial state BRZV is in, however, this development hardly takes us by surprise.

Pretending to be exploring for oil, natural gas and other minerals, BRZV has not made a dime since inception in 2005. At the same time, the total loss incurred to date barely hits $219 thousand. At least, Tang Xu, the company’s CEO who also serves as President, Treasurer, Secretary and Director, has been spending money as thriftly as possible. This might also explain why he is the sole employee in BRZV.

7BRZV_logo.jpgAll in all, Breezer Ventures has more or less spent the first eight years of its existence in idle mode, hence its total inability to generate free cash flows. Unless Xu omes up with a commercially viable solution to buck this trend, BRZV shares will, for intents and purposes, remain solely dependent upon suspicious pump jobs. From a historical standpoint, we know that such stocks almost never recover. Check out the HSP Team’s promotional dossier to see it for yourselves. The same goes for the other promoters mentioned above.

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