The Rise And The Catastrophic Fall Of Quantum Int. Corp (OTCMKTS:QUAN)

6QUAN.png“What might have been?” – a question that is surely on the mind of the investors who got burnt during the catastrophe called Quantum Int. Corp (OTCMKTS:QUAN).

It all started back on May 24 when all of a sudden people started to get interested in the ticker and it recorded a whopping 136% in gains in just a single trading session. The next day was even more exciting when both the volume and the price smashed the records and the ticker moved up a further 203%. This means that in just two days, QUAN‘s shares went from $0.07 to $0.50 which is an astonishing increase. What caused it? Was it a new exciting product? Or maybe a new financial statement? Have they moved to a new state-of-the-art factory? Was the CEO shown on TV?

Actually, the surge was caused by none of these things. The whole excitement was created by nothing more than a bunch of overly optimistic press releases in which we read about QUAN‘s new exciting iPad case, which is somewhat ironic in itself because according to their own website and the various descriptions on the Internet, QUAN‘s main products should be in the field of robotics. Apparently, they decided that featuring Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) in their press releases will cause much more stir around traders and, as you can see, they turned out to be correct. Sadly, there was only one way in which the whole thing could have ended and it wasn’t pretty. While the crash was not as sudden as the surge, the losses from the peak of the pump are pretty close to 70% and it took the ticker just 9 trading session to wipe out all that value.

That’s shockingly bad performance from a company that is about to take over the market for iPad accessories. Then again, there are quite a lot of things to suggest that they are not going to take over anything. Let’s not forget that we’re speaking here about a business venture that has a total of $13 thousand in current assets and $28 million in accumulated deficit during the development stage (which, at 7 years, is quite long). And it’s not like there were any particular reasons for the horrific losses. On the contrary, the PR department has been working full-time during the last couple of weeks bringing in press release after press release in which they explain that the iPad is a very popular product (Who would have guessed it?) and that QUAN will come up with a casing so revolutionary that very soon users will start wondering how they ever managed to live without such an accessory. And QUAN are going to accomplish all that with $13 thousand in cash.

It’s not easy to trust such an enterprise, but there are people who did and we’re pretty sure that they all demand an explanation for the horrific performance. Were this a normal venture, the CEO would go on the news or send a letter to the shareholders giving them an account of what’s going on. QUAN, however, can’t be bothered with such things and instead of doing that, they woke up at 5AM today to publish their next press release and it’s pretty much the same old story – iPads are taking the world by storm; QUAN is well-positioned for growth; a report once said that….

QUAN give us and their shareholders absolutely no information on important things like the launch date for their iPad casing; the funding required to make the whole thing work and how they are planning to secure it, but still, people seem to be excited and right now, about an hour into the trading session, the ticker is around 46% above its previous close.

The stock is probably being bought by people who haven’t done an in-depth research on QUAN and if you are one of them, we would like to urge you to perform some due diligence before investing any money in this particular ticker. A good place to start would be our previous articles where you will find quite a lot of information about QUAN, the company CEO, Mr. Robert 6ASCC.pngFederowicz and his connections to other shady penny stocks like First Titan Corp (OTCBB:FTTN), OBJ Enterprises, Inc. f/k/a Obscene Jeans Corp. (OTCBB:OBJE), Emerging Health Sol. (OTCMKTS:EHSI) and Aristocrat Group Corp (OTCMKTS:ASCC). And since we mentioned Mr. Federowicz’s ASCC who received an extensive pumping campaign recently, we might as well show you how it ended. Make sure to check out the chart on the right and keep it in mind before investing any money in QUAN.

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