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Penny Stocks

penny stocksPenny Stocks are micro-cap stocks that usually trade below $3 and are on the OTC or Pink Sheets market. The fun in playing penny stocks is great returns that are possible. However, with the huge returns come great risks. This is why I love the adrenaline rush of trading penny stocks. Instead of waiting about 1-2 years for a 300% or 1000% gain, with penny stocks this can happen in about a few hours.

With proper research and education, penny stock investing can be a profitable and fun hobby. Small cap investing asks the investor to always be watching their stock portfolio very closely. With large percentage shifts happening in just minutes, one has to learn how and when to buy and sell their penny stocks.

Small cap investing, micro cap investing and for that matter penny stock investing challenges the stock trader with a lot to learn and greatly rewards them with very much to gain. So, head out stock market gurus and scour our penny stock list, play some penny stocks and make yourself some mad money!

More About Penny Stocks

For some additional infomation on penny stocks please read about our Penny Stock List.

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