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Penny Stock List

penny stocksOur list of penny stocks is gathered from the hottest penny stock boards on the web. Being a trader myself, I have spent many hours scanning the various stock message boards in search of which penny stock most users are picking. And after reading through hundreds of posts to finally figure out which penny stock was the most popular, I decided to do something about it. So, then the Hot Penny Stocks Finder was created. This way all you penny stock loving investors out there can stop by Hot Penny Stocks Finder and see in only a few seconds instead of a few hours what the hot penny stock of the day is.

Also if you small-cap stock traders feel you need to look a bit more indepth into the penny stocks you have found, you may click on the symbol and go the the penny stock research section. Or, to look further into the post itself, simply click on the member's name and go to the relevent post on the relevent penny stock board. This way you should feel that the Penny Stocks Finder is your hub for finding the best penny stock picks.

Our Penny Stock Picks

Should you feel there are more micro-cap stock boards or small-cap stock boards we should be displaying please let us know. Our goal is to have at a glance today's hot penny stock picks linked to all of the most up-to-date stock information on the hottest stock boards. So, let us know what changes you wish to see in our penny stock list and good luck finding the hot penny stock of the day!

For some additional infomation on penny stocks please read About Penny Stocks.

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