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MicroCapFeed Stock Screener / Trading Platform

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MicroCapTrade: Platform Features

Level II Depth

Level II MM Depth

MicrocapFeed's real-time streaming Level II Window is the best on the Street! In addition to the usual information found on Level II screens, the proprietary bonus features that we display are offered by no other market data provider. Our “L2 Summary” area drills down four Bid/Ask price levels on the Level II and gives you a one-glance color-coded summary of the Price, # market makers (#MM) and Size at each of the four levels. Our “L2 MM Activity Log” shows a daily history of the time and action a market maker took when they either raised or lowered their Bid or Ask. Need to view more than one Level II Screen at a time? No problem.

  • Hide Information Feature
    allows the window to be re-sized to accommodate work station real estate needs

  • Trade Details
    Last sale, volume, high, low, net change, open, previous close and number of trades information is displayed

  • Proprietary Level II Summary
    shows four levels of composite Price, Number of MM and Bid/Ask size

  • Level II Detailed
    shows every price level and total number of MM on Bid and Ask

  • Time, Share and Price Transaction Tables
    shows each of the stock’s transactions line by line

  • Level II MM Activity Log
    Another MicrocapTrade proprietary feature, shows you in “plain english” when a MM raises his market or size (color coded green) or lowers his market or size (color coded red).

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