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MicroCapFeed Stock Screener / Trading Platform

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MicroCapTrade: Platform Features

Custom Alerts

Limit Alerts

The Limit Alerts window is your order alert tool! This easy to use feature allows you to keep track of specific stocks which are meeting your specified values such as Last Price, Bid, Ask, Volume, $ Volume, # of Trades, Net Change and % Change. In addition, an area is provided for you to enter a customized “reminder” message when the limit alert is met (“Sell 50,000 shares”). Each limit alert remains active and stored until it is “triggered”, at which time a flashing/beeping pop-up alert message appears notifying you that the alert has been hit. You also have a long term history of all entered alerts.

  • Customized Limit Alerts
    by the Bid, Ask, Number of Trades, Share Volume, Dollar Volume, Net Gain, or Net Loss function

  • Comment Area
    for additional order information such as special handling instructions, phone numbers or other pertinent data

  • Alerts Pending
    section with pop-up window has a one-click remove feature

Alerts History reference area displays all orders that have already been met or are still alive.

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