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MicroCapTrade: Platform Features

Top 400 MoversTop 400 Movers

Top 400 is our proprietary montage which displays, in one easy glance, the important trading activity that is occuring on the OTC:BB and/or Pinksheet markets. This window gives the trader unmatchable up-to-the-second insight and allows for live trade opportunity discovery that may increase profitability for the active trader. In addititon, Top 400 offers incredible real-time sorting and ranking capabilities that organizes the top movers streaming market data. Simply by clicking on the column headers, The Top 400 can be sorted from every angle imaginable:

  • Share Volume Leaders
    most actively traded stocks by volume
  • Transcations Leaders
    most actively traded stocks by trades
  • Dollar Volume Leaders
    most actively traded stocks by dollar volume
  • Percentage Gain Leaders
    stocks that have gain the largest percentage over the day
  • Percentage Loss Leaders
    stocks that have lost the largest percentage over the day
  • Net Change Leaders
    stocks that have the largest price change over the day
  • Last Traded Security
    ability to sort by Last Trade date
  • Last Price
    ability to sort by share price

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