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MicroCapTrade: Platform Features

Trading Alerts Screen

Trading Alerts

The Trading Alerts window offers a wealth of technical information in a fully dynamic form. We have selected four major technically-oriented trading alerts, which provide the trader with actionable information. The following alerts are triggered by market internals based on daily price and volume action.

  • 52 Week High/Low Breakout Alerts
    This real-time window alerts the trader to all new annual highs and lows that are occurring on the entire OTC:BB and Pinksheet markets.

  • Share Volume Alerts
    Alerts the trader to all stocks whose real-time volume has just broken through their 20-day Average Volume.

  • Moving Price Average Alerts
    Alerts the trader to all stocks that are breaking through their 20-day moving price average. Stocks that have traded through this critical point, either on the upside or downside, may have continued momentum in that direction.

  • Block Trade Alerts
    Alerts the trader to block trades that are occurring for any OTC:BB/Pinksheet security. Block trades can be very helpful in identifying sudden interest in a paricular company. You have the option of using our default setting which will continuously scan the entire OTC:BB and Pinksheet markets to notify you of all stocks meeting our alerts criteria OR you can your specific Price and Volume parameters to only get technical alerts on stocks within your desired range.

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