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MicroCapFeed Stock Screener / Trading Platform

Stock Screener

MicroCapTrade: Platform Features

Streaming Filters

Streaming Filters

MicrocapFeed's Streaming Stock Filter gives the trader the ability to create and run in-depth, customized queries which continuously scan the the thousands of securities within the entire OTC:BB and Pinksheet markets. Your results, which are delivered in a real-time streaming format, allow you to uncover hidden "home-run" trading opportunities that would otherwise be impossible to find.
  • Open as many real-time filter query windows simultaneously.

  • Create simple single-parameter queries or more complex multiple parameter queries.

  • Save your predefined filter queries for easy one-click access to query results.

  • In-depth sorting capabilities on your query results.

  • One-click access to fully detailed Quote/Chart Montage of individual stocks.

  • Export your query results into MS Excel with one-click.

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