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MicroCapTrade: Platform Features

News/Filings Streamer Screen Shot

News/Filings Streamer

Serious microcap traders need to be fully informed of breaking corporate news, SEC regulatory filings, and events that can have dramatic effects on the price/liquidity of a company's stock. Our News and Filings streaming window enables you to monitor important market moving information on a Live, real-time basis.

  • Dynamic News & Filings
    Each news story and filing appears dynamically in real-time on the top line of the window and is presented in a streaming headline with one-click access to the full body of the story.

  • Dynamic Quote and Share Volume
    displays next to each headline allows the trader to see immediately how the market is reacting to the information.

  • Price and Volume Filters
    Traders can set price and volume filters to receive the real-time information only for companies within their desired price/volume range. One-click access to detailed Quote/Chart Montage for any symbol with a news headline.

  • Color-Coded Symbols
    facilitates immediate identification of stock symbol as either OTC:BB or Pinksheets.

  • Advanced Searching Capabilities
    for predefined types of news stories (earnings , financings, mergers, bankruptcies etc..) and Filings (10's, 8's, 4's, 3's, SB, S-8 etc..)

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